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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Long Term Care Facilities - Costs & Accomodations

Long Term Care Facilities - Costs & Accomodations

Physical and mental deterioration are only some of the inevitable effects of aging. There are even cases where in some senior citizens acquire or develop diseases that make them need 24-hour care services. No matter how much people want to stay at home and take care of their older loved ones, this cannot be done by many because of the demands of their current jobs.
This is where long term care facilities come in handy. They offer accommodations for senior citizens who need or want higher levels of personal care. These long term care facilities, also known as nursing homes are designed to take care of individuals who demand a different kind of personal care, other than the kind that can be given to them if they stay at home.

Accommodations in Nursing Homes

Long Term Care FacilitiesThe facilities of these nursing homes are not only designed to provide comfort. They are also designed to fit the medical needs of those who are going to stay. Preferred accommodation is the term for private or semi-private rooms. Just like private rooms in hospitals, these rooms have more facilities than the non-private rooms.
Standard or Basic accommodation on the other hand, is the counter part of the preferred accommodation. When it comes to recreational facilities, each nursing home has its own. In Ohio for example, all nursing homes have chapels, gardens and beauty salons.

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