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Monday, September 22, 2014

Reblogged: Technology and long term care unite!

The long term care (LTC) market is declaring a new state of (tech) independence! As the demand for continuing care services grows, technology adoption follows closely behind. But how are organizations interacting with technology? And what are they investing in now and in the near future? Our curiosity about this changing landscape got the better of us, so we conducted a survey earlier this year to find out. The results are quite telling! 

LTC organizations are increasingly recognizing the benefits of incorporating technology into their care structure to improve the staff and resident experience and to sustain competitive advantage. In fact, an overwhelming 99% of LTC organization respondents believe technology helps them enhance overall care.* 

Topping the list of upgrades are wireless and wired infrastructure and data security, as LTC organizations further coordinate with health systems and integrate care. As the needs of the aging population expand and the healthcare industry as a whole sees shifts in technology adoption, LTC is taking notice and growth is in the air. Read on for more about the latest LTC technology trends in 2014 and beyond. 

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