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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Heart Has No Wrinkles

There are no wrinkles on the heart because love is ageless.

When we think of love, and romance, we tend to default to an image of youth, idealized  attractiveness, and vitality.  It is no surprise then that we also tend to think that as we grow older, love, and romance wear thin.  However, studies show that the reality of the situation is that our perceptions are, to a large degree, false.

Let’s be real here – love is love and it has no boundaries, not even in the realm of romantic love.  The tendency to think that the aging population has no interest in romance is incorrect.  On the contrary, the more time we spend with someone we love, the deeper that love grows.  On the surface, it may seem that couples who have been together for many years progressively lose interest in each other romantically, but that is not always the case.  It is true that in many cases, these couples have gotten to a such a comfort level with each other that they rarely engage in courting or romantic rituals anymore, but that does not mean that their love for each other is not as deep, or deeper, than it ever was.   The fact is that many couples are still fully engaged in their love lives well into their senior years.

So, what do wrinkles really mean?  They’re a physical representation that we’re all getting older but that’s about it.  There really are no wrinkles on the heart as love can never be defined by our age.  If there is any doubt, simply stop an elderly couple who is walking hand in hand down the street and ask them how they feel about each other.  I am certain that they will explain it much better than I, or any research statistic, ever could. ~Gia (