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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2015 New Year Retirement Resolutions

New year is near and it offers you a great opportunity to review your finances of the past year.
This is essential to makeso that you can make necessary changeas to boost your retirement savings and increase the chances of a secure retirement.

Consider these retirement-related new year's resolutions for 2015

1. Try to save at least 1 percent more next year. If you get a raise, redirect part of it to a retirement or investment account.

2.  Investors can defer paying income tax on up to $18,000 contributed to a 401(k) and $5,500 deposited in an individual retirement account in 2015.

3. take advantage of employer contribution to you 401(k) account.

4. Take a look at how much you are paying in fees and expenses on your investments. Consider switching to similar lower cost funds when they are available.

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