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Saturday, December 13, 2014

‘Inspirational’ 92 Year Old Comes Out of Retirement for Job He Started in His Teens

A Washington man’s love of cars started at age 15 when he bought a Ford Model T convertible for $15. Lloyd Ness of Bothell, Wash., would go on to fix up cars and begin selling them. Now, after more than a decade retired from the sales industry, Ness is returning to the showroom floor at the call of his former employer who needed help.

Earlier this month, the Bothell Reporter painted a picture of Ness’ more than 70-year love affair with cars and speed.

As a teen in the 1930s when his dad thought he was taking the bus to school, Ness told the newspaper he was “buying cars for $10, fixing them up and driving them to school.” He’d then turn around and sell them for $15.

Ness also admitted to the Reporter he engaged in illegal street racing — and got caught. Ness was fined and went 40 days without his license.

Although he said it “proves I wasn’t afraid of the law,” he got “more serious about my future” afterward. It was a future that would, of course, include cars.

Ness would later go on to work at a car dealership in  in Grand View, Wash., eventually ending up at Brooks Biddle Automotive where he would stay for three decades before retiring at 78 years old.

After than a decade in retirement, Ness told the Reporter he missed selling cars. So, when Brooks Biddle Automotive President John Biddle called Ness for help earlier this month, the man who will turn 93 on Jan. 2 was more than happy to oblige.

According to the Reporter, Ness has sold at least one car each day since he returned.

“People just love him,” Biddle told the newspaper. “He’s always helping others. He’s just an inspirational character for our city.”

His secret to selling a set of wheels?

“I think I am successful because I have never tried to oversell anyone or misrepresent a car,” Ness said. “I tell it like it is.”

Watch Ness talk about his love of cars and work as a salesman in KCPQ-TV’s report:

“I can’t wait for tomorrow, because you never know what tomorrow brings. It’s these little things you learn as you cruise through life,” Ness said in KCPQ’s report, smiling at his play on words.

Read the Bothell Reporter’s full feature on Llyod Ness and the job he loves.

Ness isn’t the only car salesman who is still going at 93 years old. Bob Soell of St. Louis told KDSK-TV earlier this year said he has no intention of retiring because “I’m just getting my second wind.”

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