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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Plan Your Retirement Lifestyle Too!

Knowing what you want to do during your retirement can help motivate you to save more and invest appropriately.

Planning can be hardwork and time consuming, but we all need to make time to do it.Thinking what you want to do during your retirement is not an activity you want to shortchange. Here is why planning your how will you spend your time in retirement pays off.

1. Planning your retirement days puts you in the right frame of mind to retire. Retiring to a good life is much more pleasant than retiring from a bad career.

2. Daydreaming, or retirement dreaming, helps motivate you to work harder toward the goal. Saving money to fund future expenses is hard. One way to mitigate the feeling of sacrificing is to visualize your golden years.

3. Coming up with a plan will help you foresee potential issues. Many people start slowing down in retirement. You might develop lower energy levels as you age, and perhaps choose to sit around instead of getting up and being out and about.

4. Your chosen activities will determine your budget and help you come up with a retirement number. Once you know how your days will generally be filled, then it's much easier to estimate how much to save for retirement.

Once you start your plan you will naturally make appropriate adjustments to secure a more comfortable retirement.

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